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Observing him, one can see that Dan has a natural affinity to the horse and a gentle manner which creates a wonderful learning environment for both horse and rider. He calls himself very traditional, with mentors such as Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrence, Buck Brannaman and more influencing him. And influence they did! You can easily see this natural horsemanship come alive when Dan is working with the horses!

Cassie is a very experienced rider and has been teaching people how to ride since the year 2000. She excels at providing her students with the tools to be confident, safe and effective riders. Her low pressure teaching style enables her students to reach their riding goals in a timely manner and be proud of their accomplishments. She loves to continue her own equine education for her own goals as well as to be able to pass that education on to her students.

Together they make a wonderful team!

Some of Cassie's accomplishments:


2008 GCSCA Gaming Champion

2009 MHARF Challenge Of The Unwanted Horse Reserve Champion

2009 MHARF Challenge of the Unwanted Horse Best Groomed

2009 MHARF Challenge of the Unwanted Horse Peoples Choice

2009 NCR EXCA EquiFest Horsemanship Challenge Reserve Champion

2010 MHARF Challenge of the Unwanted Horse Grand Champion

2010 GCSCA Gaming Champion

2011 GCSCA Gaming Champion

2011 GCSCA Reserve Champion

2011 SRSC Gaming Champion

2011 SRSC Gaming Reserve Champion

2011 Clinician at Mn EquiFest

2012 Clinician at Mn EquiFest

2012 GCSCA Queen

2012 GCSCA Gaming Champion

2013 L1 Minnesota Mounted Shooters Year End Winner

2016 CMSA MN Limited State Shoot Champion

2016 CMSA Regional High Point Overall Cowgirl

2016 MMSA High Point Overall Cowgirl

2016 MMSA Ladies Level 4 Champion


Countless Daily Gaming High Point Awards at WSCA shows

Multiple SRSC High Point & Reserve High Point Awards for:






Queen of SRSC (Saddlelite Riders Saddle Club) 2006, 2007 & 2009

Queen of GCSCA (Goodhue County Saddle Clubs Association) 2011 & 2012
(The only person to have ever held the GCSCA Queen crown 2 years in a row)

Named "Two Thumbs Up Instructor of the Year" by her students!

Cassie also writes training tips, community involvement and other articles for Horse N Around (Equine Monthly).