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We believe in safe, calm, gentle training. We focus on what is best for both the rider and the horse and it is geared specifically for each person. Dedicated to building complete teamwork, we provide the horse enthusiast a wide variety of opportunities.

Our main goal is to help riders (from the novice to experienced, young to old) develop a better understanding of the horse, then build and develop that solid relationship with the horse while practicing safe and effective horse skills.

We specialize in starting, re-starting, gaming, and versatile horses. Let us know your needs!

We offer riding lessons, training, clinics, community programs, volunteer opportunities and more.

Summer camps for groups and children are offered throughout the summer!

All riding levels, breeds, and disciplines are welcome at Complete Equestrian Company (CEC).

We would be happy to meet you and see how we can make all of your horse experiences a pure pleasure!

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